Free from coloring / Paraben / mineral oil / alcohol


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BEPPIN BODY Magic White Clay Pack

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  • 150g 5.29 oz.


    This pack can remove body black, sunburn mark, also rough surface. And it improves your skin tone just in 30 seconds.


    Made from 100% Japanese-made placenta extract for whole body.
    The natural clay can adsorb the dirt from skin and old keratin firmly. The moisturizing ingredients such as placenta extract, seaweed extract, aloe vera extract, and soy extract, help moisturizing and improving your skin tone. It is mild on your skin, with no artificial colors, paraben or mineral oil.

    The moisturizing agents, such as aloe vera and soy isoflavone, smooth the rough skin after shaving. With no additives such as colorings, paraben and mineral oils, it is gentle on your sensitive skin!
    Care for your body while enjoying the soft scent of rose.