Free from coloring / fragrance / Paraben / alcohol / mineral oil


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  • 100g 3.52 oz.


    This moist gel contains natural ceramide inside. The natural ceramide is from rice which have a high affinity for skin. We recommend people who have skin problems such as atopy, hay fever, drying trying this gel.

    The ceramide just like skin barrier, it can protect the sensitive skin from irritation. The ceramide give skin plenty of moisture, keep skin from drying. It also can make the skin conditions better and improve the barrier function.

    Rubbing the skin with a cotton or hands can irritate the sensitive skin. The gel type cream with excellent spreading is able to minimize the irritation to skin. Not only for face, but also for arms, legs and neck.

    Because none of allergy substance are included, not only sensitive adults but also babies can use this (except newborn babies).